There are 62.6 million volunteers in the United States today according to www.nationalservice.gov.  Missouri alone has 1 million volunteers giving 142 million hours of service.  The selfless efforts of these people is everywhere we look – from local churches and youth sporting events – to the thousands of volunteers who gave their time during and after the recent hurricanes.

We have a responsibility to ourselves and our families to be aware of personal injury insurance coverages while volunteering.  Clearly, this issue is less important when we are simply manning a booth at a local civic event – but it becomes more important in efforts such as those involving volunteer fire departments.

Medical costs incurred are typically covered by the workers compensation policy of the entity who is the beneficiary of our services.  However, the  replacement of ones weekly wages while unable to carry out your normal work duties is different.  For example, Missouri currently has a state statute that limits the weekly minimum paid by workers compensation for volunteers to $40 per week.

There is an inexpensive way to replace your wages should you be injured while volunteering and unable to carry out your normal work duties.   It is an Individual Disability Policy.  This policy can be purchased up to age 70.  You choose the weekly benefit amount that best fits your needs.  This policy would pay you the weekly benefit amount in any situation where you are injured and unable to work.  Call or email your NAUGHT-NAUGHT AGENCY representative today to get a quick quote for a disability policy tailored for your needs.