This was my first accident, so have no comparisons but would rate my overall experience with Electric Insurance Company as outstanding in every respect. I only recently switched to Electric and regret this accident forced me to utilize the claims service, however this experience only reinforces my decision to make the change. Electric's rates, services and professional/personal attention were exceptional. Thomas Esposito with Electric and Ashley Cunningham with Naught_Naught Insurance Agency were thoughtful, thorough, positive and prompt to reply. Both were courteous and anxious to be certain my questions were answered and the process/procedures explained in detail. Based on E:lectric's excellent rates/coverage and now this recent claims experience it is my intention to continue with Electric Insurance Company and to recommend the company to others. It is my hope that this will be the last time I need to utilize the claims department. -Bartholomew Steponovich
- Bartholomew Steponovich

! I really appreciate all the friendly, on-the-ball ladies at your office, and am happy we switched from our old agent. Even the woman who answers your phone is professional. Pass the word along that I think you’re all doing a great job!

- Sharon Baysinger, Alelco
Clear, concise and cheaper!  You guys really delivered this year!  We appreciate all of the hard work you both put into the process to essentially get us better coverage at a slightly less price.  Very much appreciated! Mike Hill, Callaway Bank - Fulton, MO
- Mike Hill, Callaway Bank
When I have insurance questions pop up about my business it's always easy to get a hold of my friends at Naught-Naught Agency to get a quick answer and peace of mind. - Austin Craddock Bandana's Bar-B-Que  
- Austin Craddock
Steve and the people at Naught-Naught Agency are friendly and look out for us.  They save us money and help protect our business. Pamela Lanier Ozark Bar-B-Que  
- Pamela Lanier
  We are so pleased with Leah and her service that she has been able to provide to us upon moving back to the Kansas City area. We called and asked Leah to quote our home and vehicle policies.  We were able to change our insurance and even increase our coverages significantly on our auto and home policies and the rate was much lower than the company we switched from. Since we have been with Naught & Naught for about a year we thought we would give them a chance to quote our life policies as well.  Again, we were please with the rate and the service that Leah has provided during this transition for our family as well. Thank you Leah and Naught & Naught for the awesome service you have provided to our family.
- Cindy Heathman
I switched my insurance over to Gabe several years ago when he quoted me a great rate that my previous insurance agent couldn’t match or beat. When it’s time for my insurance renewal, Gabe sends me an email to let me know he is shopping around for better rates and has consistently found them. It’s nice to know my agent is looking for ways to save me money…that makes me one very happy customer.  
- Bridget Nelson
Vicky Maddox at the Fulton, MO office is wonderful!  She help us anytime we have questions or need quotes.  Very polite and nice.
- Richard Scott
She said she enjoyed doing business with this office because we always do a good job explaining things. Sometimes things like claims or the billing statements aren't so upsetting if you understand the procedure.  
- Angelia Brodkorb
Hi Steve, I want to send you a letter that I would like you to share with anyone that needs help with insurance for their business. Being in business whether a small or large company has never been harder. We have a small restaurant at the Lake of the Ozarks, Der Essen Platz, and we are in our 5th year at this location. We are facing the same challenges this year, finding exp. cooks and servers, higher prices for food , credit card costs, and now we see gas shooting up,the list goes on and on. This year I was facing a 25% increase in our insurance coverage. Last year faced with the same increase, I elected to cut coverage to avoid the increase. This year I found a better solution. I called Steve at Naught-Naught Insurance. He made the process of getting a quote on our needs easy and we ended up with a policy that increased our coverage  and saved  us over 25%.  It's good to find a young man that has the old  fashion values of taking care of our needs. We now can tackle our other problems which won't be as easy. Thanks again  
- Daniel and Noelle
Hello, my name is Peggy Bunton.  My Husband, Myself, our Kids, my Father, my Brothers and my friends, have been a part of your agency for many, many years now.  To be quite honest Laurel is the main reason for that.  Because of her kindness, dedication and knowledge we know were in the best hands possible. Laurel without a doubt goes the extra mile and deserve credit for that. Recently we had some issues with our sons Truck due to an accident that didn’t involve our Insurance. The other companies involved were giving him/us a hard time and weren’t wanting to pay for the damages.  We weren’t for sure what to do about it, so we turned to Laurel for some much needed advice. She as always, went the extra mile and because of her dedication, she was able to turn the situation around for us. We couldn’t ask for better service. Laure is very valuable to us and is a asset to your company. You should be very proud of her and her contributions.  We are very proud of Laurel and thru the years she has become a friend and part of our family.  We have and always will continue to send any future potential customers to her because she is the best. Please convey our many Thanks to Laurel.  
- Peggy Bunton
I don't know how to thank you enough for all of your help with our Work Comp. I received the paperwork yesterday. What a relief to have the 2 policies together with Naught-Naught. You all have always been so helpful.  Have a great week end!!!!  
- Russ Mellor
I own several rental properties.  When it comes to protecting my investments, I only need to make one call and that is to the Naught-Naught Agency.  Anytime I need something, I call or email Kathie Redel.  She's quick to respond and takes care of any issues for me.  I trust Kathie to give me the best coverage at a fair price.  
- Sandra Forbis