While most students are already back on campus, it is not too late to be sure student’s possessions are adequately covered from perils like fire and theft.

Ask your NAUGHT-NAUGHT AGENCY representative if your student’s possessions will be covered by your homeowners policy while living on campus.  Students living off campus should consider renters insurance.

College students should complete an itemized checklist of their possessions.  Not only would this list be helpful in case you need to file a claim, but your insurance carrier may ask for such a list in the case of a claim.

You may also want to download the Mo2Go Wallet App. This allows you to store all of your insurance information on your smartphone.  Users have the ability to text or email their insurance cards right from the app.  In case you get pulled over, Missouri law allows drivers to show proof of insurance electronically, and this app allows you to do so.  Students should have all of their insurance information on hand just in case they need to use it when they are away from home.

Most young adults are able to stay on their parent’s health insurance policy until age 26.  Students are encouraged to take copies of their insurance cards and know where to go for health care when away from home.

If there are questions or to download the app, visit