Longterm Care Insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance

“Families are not necessarily drawn together in a time of crisis.  Very often, they are blown apart.”  This is a quote from Nancy Dykeman who is an educator in the area of long-term care (LTC) insurance.

Many of us are all too familiar with situations where a senior member of our family or a friend’s family had to be moved from their home to a full-time care facility.  However, many of us fail to consider the possibility that a young mother or dad could incur an injury or illness that would necessitate this same move.  The costs involved in full-time care for a family member can completely devastate a family’s financial resources.

When long-term care insurance is purchased, it is based on the insured’s attained age at that time.  The insured must also be healthy at the time of purchase, so buying sooner rather than later is wise.

LTC policies can provide payment for home health care as well as nursing home care.   There are many other options available in today’s LTC policies.

The most important issue is to educate yourself on LTC insurance and consider it an integral part of your family’s financial planning.

Please contact our professional independent agents to help you figure out what type of coverage would best fit your circumstances.