Life Insurance

Life Insurance

Life insurance is an important part of a protection plan for individuals, families and companies as well as employees.

FOR THE BREADWINNER: The first rule of life insurance is that it is not for the benefit of the person shown on the policy – it is for the benefit of those we love.  Surveys tell us that half of all American households have no life insurance other than a group policy at work.  While those group policies are certainly valuable, this is just a reminder that most of them expire when we leave our job – whether it is to take another job or we are forced to leave in a down-sizing effort or to retire.  At that point, we are faced with purchasing insurance based on a higher attained age than would have been necessary had we purchased life insurance earlier in our life.  Term life insurance rates have never been lower than they are today.  One simple phone call to our agency can get you all the information and rates you need to make a decision on behalf of your family should something untimely and unexpected happen to the breadwinner in your family.

FOR THE SPOUSE:  If there is a spouse in your home who does not work outside the home, please consider the cost to hire someone to fulfill that person’s duties should something untimely and unexpected happen to them.  Those duties could include childcare as well as housekeeping responsibilities.  Again, term life insurance rates have never been lower.

FOR THE CHILDREN:  Life insurance is available for children as young as 15 days old.  One of the major advantages of purchasing life insurance on an infant is that you are buying “guaranteed insurability” for that child.  An example might be a child who is diagnosed with diabetes at age 5or 6, for example, If they do not have life insurance at the time of the diagnosis, there is a strong possibility they will not be eligible after the diagnosis.  The premiums for children are easily less than $100 PER YEAR.

Our independent agents can help you figure out how much coverage your family needs in order to maintain your current lifestyle.  Or if you prefer, you can do the calculation yourself at your convenience by visiting Then, we’ll search out the best coverage and pricing options to keep your family safeguarded.

Please contact us for more information, or to receive a personal life insurance quote.