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Homeowners insurance is not something that you should take lightly. Your home protects so many valuable belongings – you’ll want to make sure that insurance is there if you do need it.

Do you have adequate coverage on your home and personal property?
Our professional insurance agents can take a look at your current policy and help identify any holes in the coverage. Some common issues we find are: rebuild costs are underestimated, co-insurance is inadequate, personal property is undervalued and personal effects are not inventoried and/or not covered.

Did you know that your jewelry, paintings, furs and other collectibles may not be covered adequately on your basic homeowner’s insurance policy?
They need to be “scheduled” on the insurance policy to receive the best coverage. We will review your current insurance policy and give you a household inventory to make sure you don’t underestimate you possessions. An inland marine personal articles floater is used to insure valuable personal property; as these kinds of items often require more insurance coverage than a basic homeowner’s policy will provide.

An inland marine personal articles floater can include:

Jewelry: Articles of personal adornment composed all or in part of silver, gold, platinum, or other precious metals or alloys that may include pearls, jewels, or semi-precious stones.

Furs: Furs and garments trimmed with fur or consisting partially of fur.

Cameras: Cameras, projection machines, film, and related articles of equipment.

Musical Instruments: Musical instruments and related articles of equipment. You agree not to perform with these instruments for pay unless specifically provided under this policy.

Silverware: Silverware, silver-plated ware, gold ware, gold-plated ware, and pewter ware, but excluding pens, pencils, flasks, smoking implements, or jewelry.

Fine Arts: Paintings, etchings, pictures, tapestries, and other bona fide works of art (such as valuable rugs, statuary marbles, bronzes, antique furniture, rare books, manuscripts, porcelains, and rare glass) or rarity, historical value, or artistic merit.

Postage Stamps: Postage Stamps including due, envelope, official, revenue, match and medicine stamps, covers, locals, reprints, essays, proofs and other philatelic property, including their book pages and mountings, owned by or in custody or control of the Insured.

Guns: Portable firearms (such as a rifle or a pistol).

Rare and Current Coins: Medals, paper money, bank notes, tokens of money and other numismatic property, including coin albums, containers, frames, cards and display cabinets in use with such collection owned by or in custody or control of the Insured.

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