Vacation time is fast approaching!  Tons of details must be nailed down before you leave.  Let us give you some “food for thought” to help with the decision of whether or not to purchase insurance from the rental car company.

In most cases, if you carry comprehensive and collision coverage on at least one car on your auto policy, you will also have physical damage coverage on your rental car….within the U.S., its territories or possessions, and Canada.

If, however, the rental car contract makes you responsible for the reduction in market value of the rental car after being repaired, you may not have this coverage under your personal auto policy.

Another place to check for coverage could be the credit card you use to pay the charges for your rental car.  Many companies offer some coverage as part of your credit card agreement.

The best plan is always to communicate with your NAUGHT-NAUGHT AGENCY representative prior to vacation time.  They can tell you what coverage you have under your personal auto policy – allowing you to make your decision based on all available information.

Enjoy your vacation with peace of mind about insurance coverage for your rental car!!