Work Compensation Insurance

Worker’s Compensation
Whether you have one employee or hundreds, most states require you to have Worker’s Compensation insurance. This insurance protects employees by providing benefits for job-related injuries or illnesses. It protects you and your company by eliminating lawsuits from employees related to these injuries or illnesses. Every state has different insurance requirements, so it’s important to talk to your agent about what your insurance needs.

What if…

  • One of your workers seriously injures their back while moving boxes?
  • A group of employees is exposed to harsh chemicals and they must be taken to the hospital.?
  • An employee is badly burned?

Naught- Naught Agency has the insurance experience to help you put together a worker’s compensation insurance policy that helps protect you and your employees. Please contact us for more information or to review your current coverage.

Does an employer have to carry workers comp insurance?

Generally, “yes” but there are exceptions. As a general rule, firms with five or more employees must have insurance coverage, (although contractors with even one employee must also buy coverage….. a little confusing). However, the law exempts such employees as farm laborers, domestic servants, certain real estate agents and direct sellers and commercial motor-vehicle owner-operators from carrying workers comp insurance.

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The present law covers all Kansas employers except for those in certain agricultural areas or those with a gross annual payroll of less than $20,000. All payroll is taken into account, including that paid in Kansas or elsewhere. If the employer is a sole proprietor or a partnership, the wages paid to the owners and any of their family members are not used in the computation of the $20,000.

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Other resources for information:

NCCI:  National Council on Compensation Insurance

Missouri Division of Workers Compensation
Employees: (800) 775-2667
Employers: (888) 837-6069

Workers Compensation Determinations Review Board

The Missouri Workers’ Compensation Assigned Risk Pool

Contractors Premium Adjustment Program