Property and Casualty Insurance

Business Property and Income Insurance

Business property insurance covers the physical parts or your business. These are things like your building, equipment, furnishings, fixtures, inventory, computers, records and other valuable items. This insurance coverage helps repair or replace the building and its contents, and can also help provide income if your business can’t operate for a while after a covered loss.

What if…

  • Your business is totally destroyed by a fire?
  • Water from a broken pipe floods your store?
  • A power surge in your office damages all of your computers?

A large property loss could bring your business to a halt for months or longer. While your property is being repaired or rebuilt, business income insurance will help cover the costs to maintain your operation and continue to support your customers and employees. Without this insurance coverage, a business may not be able to recover lost income or lost customers.

Even if your building is not damaged, your equipment can be. You can add equipment breakdown insurance, which covers repair or replacement of damaged equipment due to mechanical and electrical breakdown.

Commercial Car Insurance
Just like the insurance on your own car, commercial car insurance is there to protect you and your assets.

What if…

  • While on company business one of your employees fails to stop at a light and hits another car?
  • An employee is making a delivery and is hit and injured by an uninsured driver?
  • Your fleet of trucks is vandalized and all the windows are broken?

Naught-Naught Agency can help you select from a variety of auto-car liability insurance, medical insurance, uninsured motorist insurance, collision insurance and comprehensive insurance coverages and deductibles to create a policy that meets your company’s needs.

Please contact us to review your coverage and discuss options for protecting your business.

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