Bandana’s tips and trick for preparing great BBQ


Whether you are using a traditional grill or experimenting with a smoker, there are several tricks of the trade that will help ensure a delicious outcome when preparing bar-b-q.

  1. Control Your Heat – Make sure your grill is pre-heated before cooking and maintain control of your heat throughout the cooking process. Keeping a clean grill or smoker will help to prevent out of control heat and flare ups. Keep a constant eye on your temperature reading but refrain from opening your grill or smoker too much. Just remember “if you’re lookin, you’re not cookin”.
  2. Low and Slow – When it comes to smoked meats especially, the key to a moist, flavorful product is a low temperature and a long cook time. Try to use tongs only when turning your meats, instead of piercing with a fork which can cause your meat to dry out. When you think you are finished, use a thermometer to take an internal temperature of your meats. With beef especially, this will let you know how well done your product is.
  3. Experiment With Flavors – Don’t be afraid to try different seasoning, sauce or marinade flavors and tastes. Bandana’s alone has six different BBQ sauce flavors and two different seasonings. With the growing popularity of barbecuing, grocery stores are carrying a wider variety of flavors to choose from. It might take some trial and error, but you’ll be sure to find a combination or two that will WOW your guests.
  4. Don’t Let Sauce Be Your Loss – One common mistake that can spoil a backyard bar-b-q is saucing meat too early. Even though a quality piece of smoked or grilled meat does not necessarily require sauce to make it flavorful, it is important to apply the sauce after the meat is at least halfway cooked. Saucing later in the cooking stages will ensure a nicely glazed delicious product.
  5. Never Admit Defeat– Let’s say you’re hosting a backyard get together and you, the “grill master” accidently burn your Q. No Problem. Just call Bandana’s and we will make you look like a champion and give you the credit too. Here’s how you do it… Give us a call, pick up your BBQ or have us deliver, put the BBQ on the grill just before your guests arrive, throw away our packaging, and just like that you become the BBQ Master!


Austin Craddock
Franchise Owner
Bandana’s Bar-B-Q
Osage Beach/Jefferson City/Sedalia